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Roses and Teacups is your pathway to beautiful moments! We offer a full range of Teaware, as well as Tea Party Favors and Delicacies. Our products include Victorian Hats, Silver Spoon Jewely, Romantic Decor, Floral Stationery, Linens and Lace, Feminine Aprons, and Bridal Necessities. We feature the works of a number of artists whose works include Heirloom Sewing, Victorian Purses, Mosaics, and Custom Pearl and Crystal Jewelry. With over 7000 products to choose from, your're sure to find something beautiful at Roses and Teacups! Click each image above to visit that department or see everything we have to offer at:

The Victorian period in history holds a fascination for many interested in their fashion and
accessories, or furniture and decor, or artwork and crafts. For a wealth of decorating ideas
for your home, antiques and collectibles, replica gifts galore, jewelry and more:
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to find everything from home and cottage decor, to jewelry and collectibles, to limited edition art and customized
accessories. We may just have the antique, vintage, or Victorian replica items you're searching for online.